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General Questions

You pay us for improving your performance in ranked games. Depending on which type of service you choose, you provide us with your username and password, and we either play on your account or have one of our skilled players join you in the games. Our team includes many players, all ranked at least in Diamond 1, ensuring the quality and speed necessary for your order

Our top priority is ensuring the security of your account. We want to reassure you that your account is safe with us. We can only access your account with the information you provide, and even then, we prioritize privacy and confidentiality. It's important to note that the only potential risk is if someone gains access to your email, as account recovery processes often involve email verification. We recommend maintaining the security of your email account to add an extra layer of protection to your overall online presence.


We offer our services on a variety of servers, including NA, EUW, EUNE, OCE, LAN, LAS, JP, TR, and BR


Our skilled boosters are experienced in achieving success during promotion series. When you choose our service, you can trust that we'll work diligently to secure victories in your promotion games, helping you reach your desired rank.

To place an order, select a service on our website, enter your preferences, and complete the payment. You'll receive a confirmation email and can track your order's progress on our customer portal. Our support team is available 24/7 for any assistance.


While we strive to maintain consistency with a single booster handling your account, there are instances where multiple boosters may be assigned to ensure the timely completion of your order.


At, we pride ourselves on our clean record of never having a customer's account banned due to our booster's actions. However, in the unlikely event that this happens, our support team will thoroughly investigate the matter and provide a prompt resolution.

We maintain a strong track record with no reported bans associated with our services. We prioritize account safety and employ measures to minimize risks. Our commitment is to provide a secure and discreet boosting experience for our clients.


The duration for boosting your account to your desired division depends on the specific details and size of your order. Larger orders may require more time to ensure a careful and effective boost.

While our boosters are actively working on your account, we recommend refraining from playing to avoid any potential conflicts or disruptions to the boosting process.

It's important to note that our boosters, while highly committed, sometimes take necessary breaks to ensure they can provide the best possible service. These breaks are essential for maintaining the high standard of gameplay that is known for.


Right after the payment, you will be redirected to the register page. We will follow up with a confirmation email

Any progress beyond your initially purchased goal is on us, as part of our commitment to delivering outstanding service. Enjoy your higher ranking without any additional cost.

If the league or division details on your account differ from what you specified in your order, please reach out to us immediately through our support channel.


If you're interested in becoming a booster, we'd be thrilled to consider your application! Ensure that you meet our requirements, and if you do, please proceed to our Boosters Application page. Submit your application, and our team will review it.


This program is designed to reward you for your continued support and engagement with our services. Every purchase on, including boosting, coaching, and add-ons, contributes to your progress. After each completed order, your progress towards the next tier is updated in your profile. Once you reach a new tier, you'll receive a discount on your next and all future purchases. Plus, these discounts can be combined with our other promotional offers!



Eloboost Coaching is a personalized training service provided by experienced players. It aims to improve your skills and gameplay in competitive games like League of Legends. A coach works one-on-one with you, offering direct guidance and strategies.

Unlike regular boosting, where a booster plays on your behalf, coaching involves interactive sessions where you receive direct guidance and feedback. The focus is on improving your own skills and understanding of the game, rather than just enhancing your rank.

In a coaching session, you can expect to learn about game strategies, champion mechanics, decision-making skills, and map awareness. Coaches tailor their guidance to your specific needs, helping you to improve in areas where you need the most assistance.

Yes, you can specify your preferred focus areas for the coaching session. Whether it's a specific champion, role, or aspect of gameplay, your coach will tailor the session to meet your requirements.